Building Stronger Communities

rcs construction is dedicated to the contribution of positive change. We embrace opportunities that extend beyond our project knowledge and scope. 

Our approach to community engagement is to actively discover how to support those we do business with and their communities. 

From the top down, our team is dedicated to the communities we build in and live in. We not only give back to charities in these communities, we hold and offer the utmost respect when building in them. 

We believe in the importance of following by-laws, consulting with business leaders, and remaining conscious about neighbours around our job sites. 

Based on our core values, we look to understand the significance of our projects within the community. We discover how to consider community needs, expectations, and views during the planning, design and construction process. 

Our leadership team helps form an eclectic group of boards. Each helps fund different mandates or contribute to awareness of certain non-profit entities. 

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