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Careers in Construction

We strive to be the BEST. That means having the BEST TEAM.

Are you looking for an employer dedicated to educating, upskilling and developing their staff to ensure a bright future within the company? Maybe you’re looking for a role where your voice is heard. Where you’re part of the team helping clients realize their goals and seeing ideas come to life.

The Right People in the Right Seats

People Who Get It

We seek people who understand the importance of client satisfaction, who can commit to teamwork and who will hold themselves accountable.

People Who Want It

You need to love what you do! We’re committed to supporting our staff in all that they need. In return, we ask that they truly show up every day.

People With the Capacity to Do It

We hire professionals who understand their responsibilities and are committed to their craft. We choose people who are open to learning and developing their skills. We invest in continued education and need employees who will embrace the ability to improve.

Be a Part of the Culture

The rcs company culture is second to none. Having everyone pointed in the same direction ensures a happy workplace where people can feel comfortable having fun, speaking out and being a contributing member of the team.

We work hard to make our clients happy, and we always make sure to have fun along the way.

We have offices in Moncton, NB, Bedford, NS and St. John’s, NL and are always looking for the right people to fill the right seats.

Be Great with Us!