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Our History…

rcs logo

Inception & Incorporation

rcs is born! The company is incorporated under its original name, Retail Construction Specialists.

rcs team and Pete Luckett from Pete's Frootique

Our First Big Project!

Doug and partners started to pound the pavement looking for their first big break. They knew that they could provide an amazing finished product and superior client service throughout, but needed that one client to give them the opportunity to show their stripes. Doug found that opportunity with Pete Luckett and Pete’s Frootique!

first rcs construction office at 10 Morris Drive

First Office

With the company off to a good start and the guys getting tired of working out of their trucks, the partners had to start looking for an office space to house them and their growing staff.

row of golf carts at rcs' first golf tournament in 1999

First Restaurant Job & Golf Tournament

Throughout the first 5 years, rcs naturally had a lot of ‘first’ milestones to add to the history book. In 1999 the company would take on its first restaurant project with Bish World Cuisine, located on the Halifax waterfront. And have its first of what would come to be an annual and greatly anticipated golf Invitational.


5 Year Anniversary

The construction industry is a fast-past and growing industry, but it wasn’t always this way. The industry was and still is highly competitive and as a young budding company we were happy to be gaining traction in the marketplace and establishing our brand as client satisfaction first.


Moving on Up!

rcs moves into its new and larger office space located in the Atlantic Acres Industrial Park in Bedford. This was a strategic move based on increased and projected growth with the new space providing much more real estate for offices, boardrooms and amenities.

Not only was rcs updating its office space, but also its overall brand! What was previously Retail Construction Specialists (R|C|S) is now rcs construction inc. With the change of the name came a rebrand of the logo as well, to give rcs a new a fresh look!


rcs Expands into the Maritimes

rcs set up its second office space in Moncton, New Brunswick. As the scope of the work and project size and projects, in general, increased, so did a necessity for expansion. This new office space allowed rcs to better service the growing number of jobs the company was receiving from both NB and PE.


15 Year Anniversary

rcs turns 15!

rcs continues its ambitious growth fueled by its dedication to the client and providing superior customer service experience during all phases of the project. This simple, yet powerful approach has allowed the company to gain significant traction and market share within the industry.

rcs was a regional finalist for 50 Best Managed Companies

Diversification and Recognition Collide

rcs was commissioned to build its first multi-story building, Westpointe by the River.

As the company continued to grow and increase their scope of work, industry started to recognize us as an up-and-coming player and we were a regional finalist for 50 Best Managed Companies Program. 

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

New Operating System

rcs implements Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and its software, Traction Tools, throughout the company.

This new operating system really resonated with rcs’ mission, vision and values. After reading the book, Traction, Doug had so many ‘Ah Ha’ moments and he couldn’t wait to implement the theories; hence rcs EOS was born.

Progress Magazine Top 101 Companies logo

Top 101 Companies

 rcs finishes #36 in Progress Magazine’s Top 101 Atlantic Canadian Businesses

rcs values: accountability, communication, teamwork

Defining our Values

rcs has always prided itself on being an industry leader when it comes to superior client service and has fostered key characteristics as an organization and with its employees since inception. Based on feedback from those same employees, rcs was able to clearly define its core values: Accountability, Communication and Teamwork (ACT).


20 Year Anniversary + Expansion

rcs turns 20! 

The company continues its growth and expansion throughout the region and sets up their third office space in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  

rcs wins general contractor of the year at Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association Awards

Growth Validated

Big win!

A few short years after rcs set up a fixed office space in St. John’s, NL the company was presented with the “General Contractor of the Year” award granted by the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA).


Quarter Century Milestone

rcs hits the quarter century mark with 25 years in business!

In light of this milestone, rcs is hosting its largest golf invitational, to-date, to kick off the celebrations. The company has also decided to do a bit of brand revamp with changes made to the logo, a new website and it’s own custom label beer!

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