Project Types

Concept to Completion, Construction and Project Management

rcs construction strives to build physical environments that support the dynamics of the client’s people, process, and


We build the basic elements of your project and provide the canvas to create your vision upon. The primary function of the build is to provide a space that is fully serviced and ready for next steps.

Tenant Fit-Up

The personality of your brand and business is brought to life as the interior set-up is created. Functionality and aesthetics combine to bring you a space that keeps clients, staff and customers happy.

Example of a renovation construction project for Sobeys

Building Renovation

Your existing structure is transformed into something new. Tearing down and rebuilding, done with careful consideration for your business and how to improve the dynamics of an existing space.

Partnering for Success

Ask us what we can do for you, and we’ll ask you “What do you need?” 

Our experience and reputation as a premier strategic planner, design-build contractor, project manager and construction management company leave nothing off the table. Our ability to exceed expectations stems from our client-first approach to listening, learning and collaborating. 

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