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Construction Management

An experienced building construction management company allows you to stay focused on your business.

Getting involved in your project early enables informed strategy, design, and procurement decisions. Adding our expertise from conception to completion offers us the ability to develop accurate time, cost and quality metrics.

Construction Management Delivery Method


Our team of experts works with you from conception to completion. rcs will gain a clear understanding of the project and outline requirements, budget and a timeline.


Detailed pre-construction schedules, preliminary construction schedules, and cash flow forecasts are developed, shared and agreed upon before the project moves forward.


One of our expert Project Managers will oversee your project. While our entire team is dedicated to your success, you’ll have a single point of contact to receive progress reports from start to finish.

Transparency is key for our Construction Management Delivery Method. Decisions are made with your best interest in mind, and you’re informed on project updates every step of the way.

Building for You

Underpinned by our record of success in the construction industry as a trusted construction management company, rcs construction is both qualified and positioned to provide expert project procurement and delivery advice to any business.

We’ve successfully delivered across all industry sectors, from Retail and Hospitality to Residential and Commercial. Our client-centric approach keeps us in tune with your vision, allowing us to manage expectations properly.

Our experienced team provides centralized accountability, clarity of communication and a streamlined construction management process from inception to completion.

Project Managers and Estimators dedicated to your project will ensure any unforeseen problems are dealt with efficiently while minimizing conflict.

Establishing ourselves as strategic partners with your business ensures your construction project and stakeholders are aligned on important metrics of time, cost, and high quality. That way you can stay focused on your business and your bottom line.

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