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General Contracting Services

Project Focused. Process Driven.

People are our greatest asset. At rcs, we choose to align ourselves only with people and partners that inspire complete confidence.

Benefit from our Contracting Experience

As your General Contracting Company, you’ll have the benefit of:

Being the best choice for our customers also drives our internal process with a dedicated approach to staff education, upskilling and development. Building our own business from the inside out allows us to offer premiere General Contracting services backed by reputation in the industry.

Subcontractor Selection

We’ve refined a strategic approach to how we facilitate and deliver amazing results. Our success rests on a foundation of planning, intelligent management and constant review of procedures and partners.

As a part of our General Contracting Services, we offer valuable and negotiated subcontractor selection. Establishing strong relationships with our subcontractor base results in competitive pricing without compromising the quality of your project.

Through this collaborative process with rcs construction as your single point of responsibility, you can rest assured that pricing, schedule direction, budget control and project management are all aligned.

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