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Proven Process

The quality of the first step will determine the calibre of the last.

We’re firm believers that a tested and proven construction project process unlocks the unique vision, specifications and procurement needs for each client we work with.

Construction Project Process

Our collaborative approach aligns internal and external stakeholders, increases efficiency and strengthens the link between business strategy and project outcomes.


  • Tell us about you!
  • Find out what we are all about.
  • Ensure companies values and cultures align.


  • Customized proposal presentation.
  • Determine the best delivery method and approach.
  • Partnership agreement signed!


  • Innovative technology systems.
  • Proven safety excellence program.
  • rcs 101 – comprehensive project delivery process.


  • Execution of client expectations.
  • Deficiency management.
  • Timely commissioning and closeout.

rcs Project Delivery

rcs 101 is a live document that has been in place for over 25 years. The publication provides detailed information on all things rcs. It outlines general details about the company, job descriptions, specific roles and departmental responsibilities. It provides information on how to deliver a project “the rcs way”, guaranteeing consistency project-to-project, ensuring the same level of organization, expertise, and customer service no matter who leads your project.

Our intention with this publication is to develop and promote the skills required to represent rcs and convey pride in the company. We want well-trained, well-informed employees who have been given all the tools they need to do their jobs properly. Further to rcs 101, innovation has been a massive part of our company’s growth in the last several years. We pride ourselves on our delivery systems and the technology we have invested in to serve our clients better.

Technology Partners

Your project is unique.

Your construction project process will be too. Understanding the key steps to help you find your vision – then making that vision reality – is our greatest strength.