Construction Safety

Safety First and Always

Our top priority is ensuring the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, consultants, visitors, and the general public.


rcs works hard to prevent injuries and
fosters a safe work environment.

Safety is always our top priority and is held to the highest standards within our organization. 

Establishing a successful safety culture takes commitment from everyone, from design to delivery. The core of rcs’ safety culture is recognizing that each person is responsible and accountable for their safety and those they work with each day. 

Support from a strong supervisory presence and senior management provides everyone with the resources to attain a safe work environment. 

The safety team will assist the project team with interpretation of legislative requirements that may vary by provincial rules, guidelines and jurisdiction and will share feedback regarding upcoming changes in order to ensure full compliance by rcs and sub-trades at all times

rcs has years of experience with live construction and public safety – it is of the utmost importance to us. We are mindful that businesses must continue to operate during construction and identify this hazard at the beginning of project. rcs will work with the client to ensure a safe project. 

Our responsibility to ourselves and to our fellow workers dictates that we work safely and that every employee is instilled with the idea that safety is equal to all other measures applied in the workplace.

Chelcea Driscoll, Safety Manager

COR Certified

We’re proud of a system that exceeds the minimum requirements. rcs is COR certified in the Atlantic Provinces and works with many compliance programs such as Contractor Check to ensure we exceed the highest standards for our clients.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility here at rcs. 

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