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Unveiling The Hub

A New Era for the Former Truro Mall

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated rebranded grand opening of The Hub, formerly known as Truro Mall.

The Hub has been a major project for Doucet Developments, and serves as the perfect example of how the fully vertically integrated group of companies work together to add value to the communities they serve. As the general contractor responsible for a portion of the selected renovations, along with our sister company PMco, the property management company, Mill-Right Woodworking, supplying these various projects, and Tier Too, the commercial development company with partial ownership, we are all excited to unveil a fresh and vibrant new chapter for this beloved local mall.

rcs takes great pride in our role in bringing this transformation to life. It has been a fantastic project to collaborate on with these fabulous companies. An additional major thank you goes out to our subtrades, suppliers and the community! Without these amazing teams and people this undertaking would not have been possible!

We look forward to the future of The Hub and wish our tenants and community a prosperous new era! Congratulations to all involved on this project and cheers to The Hub!