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Traction = Accountability


Good happy winter day all! I really enjoyed my Christmas vacation but now I’m back home and reality comes with a puffy warm winter jacket and ice cubes that don’t melt in your drink!

You have all heard me talk about Traction, the entrepreneurial business operating system that we currently use to manage the way we do business and more importantly how everyone is held accountable. We started using Traction several years ago at the leadership level and now we use the system through every level of the business and it has been incredibly impactful. I almost feel like I shouldn’t be sharing the value of this system as it gives rcs an unfair advantage BUT that’s not the way we roll here at rcs! I would love for everyone to experience our similar success and have spoken with colleagues who have also seen great improvement in their business after utilizing Traction.

So now what? I answer with the latest new, exciting thing in our rcs life which is Traction Tools. Traction Tools is software we use to manage the operating system. They are a different company; they created an app that has allowed us to go from paper to digital format and makes managing our tasks easy. It’s simple and you save paper at the same time. Our traction tool box with 20 documents are now all managed digitally and meeting minutes the same. Now when you don’t do what you say you will do, others see that and that’s not cool! Traction Tools can send you a reminder To Do list daily so there are no more excuses.

I recently attended my first Traction conference in Atlanta and was asked in an interview to relate how Traction and Traction Tools have helped rcs become a better GC, which is always our ultimate goal! Enjoy the interview below.



P.S. and no I am not retiring in 5 years! lol The interview was off the cuff and that comment was not interpreted correctly. You have me for many more years to come! Happy Winter all!